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Grow Your Best Tomato Yet
  • Grow Your Best Tomato Yet
    Nothing beats the flavor of fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes. Make this your biggest and tastiest tomato harvest yet with proper planting and care. Reduce pest problems and increase the harvest by growing your tomatoes in a sunny location with well-drained soil or in a quality potting mix for container gardens. Improve your garden soil by adding several inches of organic matter to the top eight to twelve inches of soil prior to planting. Compost, aged manure, and other organic materials help improve drainage in heavy clay soil and increase the water holding ability of sandy soil. Add a....


Atlantic Coast Drilling Op-Ed
  • Atlantic Coast Drilling Op-Ed
    A couple Sundays ago, I was on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach for the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge. As usual, there was no escaping the cold. The air was 36 degrees, and the ocean was just barely warmer at 37 degrees. Despite the cold, 3,325 people gathered on the beach and took the plunge. Collectively, they raised $780,000 to help Special Olympics Delaware continue serving the needs of Delawareans with disabilities. The Polar Bear Plunge is one of my favorite annual traditions in Sussex County, and one of many reasons Delaware’s beach communities are so special. Every ....


Garden-tainment Creates Lasting Memories for Guests
  • Garden-tainment Creates Lasting Memories for Guests
    Summer is filled with parties, gatherings, picnics and more. We all want to make these occasions special and memorable for our guests. Many gardeners tend to schedule events around peak bloom or harvest in order to share the beauty and flavor from their garden. Unfortunately nature does not always cooperate. It seems we are saying “you should have been here last week” or “come back next week when the flowers will be at their peak”. No need to worry. It may be considered cheating by the purist, but isn’t it all about creating a great space and event for our guests? Consider adding ....


  • Master Gardeners: Workshops for the Home Gardener-Fall 2014
    New Castle County Master Gardeners are pleased to announce the Fall 2014 Workshops for the Home Gardener schedule. Topics cover best practices for sustaining your lawn, Integrated Pest Management, pruning basics, and demystifying long term landscape planning by visiting a home landscape that has implemented such a plan. For details and to download a registration form, visit http://extension.udel.edu/lawngarden/nccmg.
National Public Gardens Day on May 9
  • National Public Gardens Day on May 9
    The Delaware Center for Horticulture is proud to join the American Public Gardens Association and more than 500 gardens and related organizations nationwide in celebrating an annual day of awareness that honors the role that public gardens play in promoting plant and water conservation, education and environmental leadership. TheDCH invites the public to visit the non-profit’s Trolley Square headquarters on May 9 for a self-guided tour of the demonstration garden. Guests can increase their engagement and enjoyment of the stroll during this free rain-or-shine event by picking up a “Garden ....


  • Eco-friendly Weed Control in Lawns
    Don’t let lawn weeds get the best of you. These opportunistic plants find a weak spot in the lawn, infiltrate and begin the take over your grass. Take back the lawn with proper care. Your lawn will not only be greener and healthier, but good for the environment. The grass and thatch layer act as a natural filter, helping to keep pollutants out of our groundwater and dust out of our atmosphere. They also reduce erosion, decrease noise and help keep our homes and landscapes cooler in summer. And a healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds. Start by identifying the unwanted lawn inv....
  • Elevate Your Gardening Success
    Don’t let a sore back, bad knees or lousy soil stop you from gardening. Elevate your garden for easier access and better gardening results. The simple act of creating a raised bed improves drainage in heavy clay soil. Add in some organic matter to further increase drainage and improve the water holding ability for sandy soils. And if your soil is beyond repair or you don’t want to wait, a raised garden allows you to bring in quality soil and create a garden right on top of the existing soil or even paved areas. The quality soil and easy access will allow for dense plantings without ....
  • Scientists Speak Out Against the 'General Consensus' on Climate Change
    Georgetown-Two scientists who have studied the atmosphere and sea level changed told an audience of 250 people the currently theory of "man-made "climate change is wrong and there is not much we can do about it. Dr. Willie Soon, an astrophysicist and former researcher at the Smithsonian Institute in Cambridge, Mass., showed graphs and testimony from people in the field who, even from those who believe the planet is warming as a direct result of human action, could not find evidence that humans are indeed responsible. Dr. Soon gave example of scientists who have gone on record in suppor....
  • USDA Extends Deadline for Producers to Complete the VERY IMPORTANT 2012 Census of Agriculture
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) sent a “second request” mailing of the 2012 Census of Agriculture in mid-February. Completed Census report forms which are received by NASS up until April 15 will be accepted and included in the final results. Conducted every five years, the Census provides the only source for accurate agricultural data at the county level. While the uses of the Ag Census data are very extensive, new data items on the 2012 Census of Agriculture report form will for the first time, collect acres planted to cover cr....
  • Southern Delaware Botanic Gardens
    Southern Delaware Botanic Gardens celebrates its first year of existence at its public annual meeting for the Board of Directors, Members, and all supporters. Please join us on Saturday, March 30, 2013, noon till 2pm at the Lewes Library, 111 Adams Ave. (off of Kings Highway , in the upstairs meeting room in Lewes. The annual meeting is required by Federal and State law, and by the organization's By-Laws. The meeting will provide attendees with a financial report, an organizational status report, and a Power Point presentation featuring the accomplishments of the first year. SDB....
  • Applying the Truth-o-Meter to the State of the Union's Energy Claims
    Did President Obama somehow become the most pro-energy president in decades? You might think so based on his State of the Union address. His administration's record, however, proves the opposite. Here are the five most deceiving claims from the speech. Claim 1: "We produce more oil at home than we have in 15 years." Most of the increased oil and gas production is from private lands, over which - thankfully - the Obama administration has no control. On federal lands and offshore, the Obama administration has denied or delayed countless drilling requests. According to the Institute....
  • DelDOT reports diesel spill
    St. Georges, DE – About 1,600 gallons of diesel fuel is being recovered today (Feb 11); the result of a spill that occurred over the weekend at a DelDOT facility near St. Georges, DE. The spilled fuel was contained by a nearby retention pond, and there are no indications that any of the fuel reached a nearby stream. DelDOT officials became aware of the extent of the spill this morning. Operators had fueled vehicles at this location during storm operations this past weekend. As part of their Hazardous Material plan, DelDOT personnel contacted the Department of Natural Resources and E....
  • Christmas plants
    Many of us have purchased a Poinsettia, Amaryllis, or Christmas cactus to decorate our homes or have received one as a gift for the holiday season and may need some information on how to care for these special indoor plants. The amaryllis, Christmas cactus, and poinsettia are three popular plants for the holidays each year. Special attention should be given to each of these plants to help them survive living in their new home. Following the guides below may ensure healthy plants during and after the holiday season. Amaryllis Amaryllis (Hippeastrum genus), a tender bulb plant and na....
  • A few thoughts of Delaware
    At the Delaware Audubon annual meeting on December 7th (A nice event, by the way), I had the chance to offer a few thoughts on Delaware, sea level rise, and climate change. Here is an expanded version of those comments. First, the reality is that climate-changing emissions keep rising and, while humans could act to stop this, we aren' doing so. See, for example "CO2 emissions rises mean dangerous climate change now almost certain." As many of you know, I've recently spent time in Minnesota. Minnesota (mean elevation 1200 ft, lowest point, 601 feet) is suffering from climate change and ....
  • The EPA's New Mandate: Pump Grass, Not Gas
    If you think the government penalizing -- or is it taxing? -- people for not buying health insurance is bad, at least there are health insurance companies actually selling coverage. By contrast, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fined oil refiners $6.8 million last year for not incorporating cellulosic ethanol in gasoline -- even though the product doesn't exist. That's right. As bizarre as it sounds, the New York Times reports that oil refiners were required to blend 6.6 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol -- a biofuel made from grasses such as switchgrass, woodchips, the inedi....
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