Sen. Margaret Rose Henry endorses Guillermina González


One of my great fears when I announced my retirement from the state Senate was that women of color in Delaware would enter the 150th General Assembly with less representation in Dover and less of a voice in state government. With the primaries over and the November elections only weeks away, I am happy to see that we have a chance to head in a more positive direction.

Guillermina Gonzalez, a longtime nonprofit director and friend of mine, is running to flip the 22nd Representative District – an area covering parts of Hockessin, Pike Creek, and North Star that has been red for two decades. But beyond the party politics of this election season, GG is simply the kind of hard-working, brilliant woman we need to send and keep sending to the state capitol. During her primary races, she racked up well over a million steps walking around the district and knocking on doors and I know that she will carry that zeal for meeting constituents and listening to their needs and concerns all the way to Dover.

What she needs now is a few more teammates to help get her there. Please, if you can, sign up to spend a day or a weekend helping out with her campaign. Make calls, knock doors, and donate (her campaign is funded exclusively through small donations and has pledged to accept $0.00 from PACs).

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work electing this eminently qualified woman. Stop by to sign up for her email list and give her a “like” on facebook @ Guillermina Gonzalez for Delaware. There is precious little time between primary elections and general elections in DE, so we could really use your help getting the word out!

I couldn’t be more proud to give “GG” my endorsement. I hope you will join me in working to support her over the next few weeks as well. No matter what district you live in, we all have a part to play in ensuring that the General Assembly reflects the same strength, values, and diversity that define our communities all across Delaware.