Service General acquires assets of advanced aerosol (Seaford)


ServiceGeneral Corp is proud to announce the acquisition of the assets of Advanced Aerosol Acquisition in Seaford, DE.

ServiceGeneral will form a new subsidiary ActivAir, Inc. that will take over operation of this plant.

ActivAir will continue to produce the company’s current line of biodegradable, hypoallergenic consumable products marketed to households in the target demographic groups ServiceGeneral currently serves.

These products employ unique natural fragrances and bold flavors and are sold directly through ServiceGeneral’s own retail locations, through other market locations, and through distributors such as Central American Distributors (CAD) in Seaford. These products include CRISTAL Detergents, CRIOL Bleach, CRISELLA Softener, LA BOMBA! Spicy Ketchup, FRESCA Spray Air Fresheners, and HAPPY FACE Hanging Air Fresheners.

Bamdad Bahar, CEO commented: “Over the past six months we established a new business to produce our unique line of strongly flavored and fragranced products for the communities we serve.

The plant in Seaford had been a vendor to us that would have shut down if we had NOT proceeded with this acquisition.

Those jobs and the future of the plant are now protected. We will be adding over 700 additional formulations from this plant to our current product lines and expanding our catalog with new products for commercial applications.

We are also immediately adding a new line of related products for commercial applications; these include products like Food Grade Silicone Spray, Industrial Chain Lube and OLIMPIA Stainless Steel Cleaner that could, for example, be used in poultry and food processing plants.

Formulations developed at this facility are considered to be very advanced and environmentally friendly, and do not use GHG (Green House Gas) depleting chemicals.

I would like to express my gratitude to the leadership exhibited by Delaware’s Economic Development Office that resulted in the smooth transition of this acquisition.”

ActivAir Inc. expects to add over 100 full time employees at the plant over the next year.

ActivAir Inc. is now based at 105 Park Avenue, Seaford Delaware. ActivAir’s mission is to supply delivery systems for active ingredients utilizing Aerosol, Porous Media, and Liquid Packaging technology. The company sells products directly through its own sales channels or on custom OEM basis.

ActivAir’s website is, Its products are available online at (for consumer products) and (for commercial products).
ServiceGeneral Corporation is based at 13 East Laurel Street, Georgetown Delaware. ServiceGeneral was founded in 2001 and now has operating locations in Georgetown, Millsboro, Seaford and Baltimore Maryland.

ServiceGeneral’s corporate mission is to be the leading provider of basic retail services to our local communities. These services include providing residential and commercial rental services via its ServiceRentals® teams; providing retail service centers (combining Laundromat, Bill Payment, Check Cashing, Telecommunications, and Postal Services – all under one roof) via its ServiceGeneral® teams; and providing job placement and staffing services via its ServiceXpress® and JobsXpress® teams.

Our teams are passionate about the services they provide. We believe our support is fundamental to the lives of many good, hardworking individuals and their neighborhoods to benefit the community as a whole including local employers.

The company’s website is View additional information at and .
For more information, please call Cassandra Asher at 302-856-3500.

ActivAir’s start-up Team in front of the Plant in the Seaford Industrial Park.
ActivAir Inc. 105 Park Avenue, Seaford, DE 19973