Sposato customer claims new landscaping increased business


When Dennis McSwain, manager of Rehoboth U-Store in Rehoboth Beach, hired Sposato Landscape to maintain the grounds of his self-storage business, he got more than an attractive landscape. His business increased.

“I’m certain the landscaping was the reason for the increase in business,” said McSwain. “Customers are always commenting on how great the grounds are kept. They figure that if the grounds are kept in good order, so is the business. It’s the curb appeal that influences people to sign up with us.”

“I look at landscaping as an investment—not a cost,” said McSwain. “It’s an investment we make to grow our business. And we’ve gotten a good return on our investment with Rick Lawson and his crew. They deserve a lot of recognition for the work they do. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Sposato account manager Rick Lawson modestly agreed. “Our work does stand out. People often tell me that they can tell that a property is maintained by Sposato Landscape. Our work has a special look. It comes down to attention to detail. My crew is highly trained and committed to excellence.”

Sposato crew leader Rafael Villagran-Rodriguez, said it’s great to see that his efforts are helping his customer grow his business. “The secret to our success is our professionalism,” said Villagran-Rodriguez, a 12-year Sposato veteran. “We know how to do our jobs and make our work stand out.”

Caption: Sposato crew is (L-R): Pedro González-Gutiérrez, crew leader Rafael Villagrán-Rodríguez, Andrew Ryan and account manager Rick Lawson.