Sposato Landscape recognizes stellar employees


Sposato landscape honored its employees for their hard work, service and professionalism during the 2016 season. Awards were given out at a breakfast on the soccer field adjacent to the corporate office in Milton.

“Overall, we had a very good season,” said Sposato founder Tony Sposato. “We’re thanking our people today for their hard work, skills and professionalism. We’ve gotten some great feedback from our customers this year. They were very happy with the service our people provided. Many have already re-signed for the next two-three years.”

“Many of our people will be going back home to Mexico and Puerto Rico for the winter so we wanted to have this before they left” said Sposato.

Awards were given out for leadership, teamwork, safety and professionalism, among others. Here is the list of honorees:

Rookie of the year: Luis Perez

Leadership: Santos Perez Bravo

Team Player: Lorenzo Lares

Charlie Hustle: Pedro Ortiz

Most Professional: Juan Andrade Jr., Heliodoro Castaneda

Safety Award: Guadalupe Rivas Perez

Jack of All Trades: Carlos Hernandez

Crew of the year: Truck 21- Ismael Salvat Jr, Ismael Toledo-Toledo, Marcos Morales-Salvat.

Truck 4- Abel Bazan Jr, Ermitanio Mendez, Rafael Oquendo, Jack Roberg

Crew Leader of the year: Martin Francisco Francisco

Employee of the year: Onesimo Arano Cruz, Zach Huff


7137: (Kneeling l.-r) Juan Andrade,Jr.; Ermitanio Mendez; Guadalupe Rivas Perez; Lorenzo Lares; Abel Bazan; Pedro Ortiz and Santos Perez Bravo.

(Standing l.-r.) Onesimo Cruz Arano; Carlos Hernandez; Martin Francisco Francisco; Ismael Salvat Jr.; Jack Roberg; Tony Sposato; Luis Perez; Heliodoro Castaneda; Rafael Oquendo and Zach Huff.