St. Paul’s episcopal church announces New Easter Week nightly worship and fellowship


For Christians, observing the forty days of Lent imitates Christ’s withdrawal into the wilderness and fasting for forty days. Also for Christians, Lent is a time for soul-searching, repentance, discipline, self-restraint, and time spent in intensive prayer and reflection.

For many of us, the recent worldwide natural and man-made tragedies, war, the economy, and other troubles closer to home may also impact the solemnity of the Lenten season. But with the first daffodils blooming and warmer days and nights, Christians around the world will soon celebrate the promise of spring and Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, located a block off The Circle in Georgetown, is offering an innovative weeklong celebration of Christ’s Resurrection for all, regardless of religious preference, followed by dessert and fellowship

Beginning at 7:00 p.m., on Monday, March 29, and continuing through Good Friday, each night the Rev. Earl Beshears, rector of St. Paul’s, and several visiting preachers will offer worship, Holy Communion, and a sermon in celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.

All are welcome. For more information, call St. Paul’s at (302) 856-2894 or visit