State of Emergency Remains in Effect. TRAVEL BAN LIFTED in Kent & Sussex Counties as of 6 p.m., New Castle County was lifted at 12 noon


Governor Jack Markell has ordered the driving restrictions for Kent and Sussex County to be lifted as of 6 p.m. tonight. However, the State of Emergency will remain in effect for the entire state until further notice. Earlier today, the Governor and emergency officials lifted driving restrictions in New Castle County.

While travel restrictions for operating motor vehicles in Kent and Sussex are being lifted, the Governor strongly urges drivers to continue to stay off the roads as much as possible. Many secondary roadways remain barely or completely impassable. Delaware Department of Transportation personnel report that snow is beginning to blow and drift over some primary and secondary roads and conditions are likely to worsen throughout the evening.

DelDOT, the Delaware National Guard, Delaware State Police and local law enforcement and emergency responders have been extremely busy assisting stranded motorists throughout the day and trying to get roads free of abandoned and disabled vehicles.

A total of 486 abandoned/disabled vehicles across the state have been reported since the storm began with almost half being reported in the overnight hours.

Such vehicles, some of which are blocking routes to healthcare centers, are being towed at the owner’s expense. These vehicles are also hampering DelDOT’s efforts to clear roadways as they provide little room for plows to pass. Emergency responders as well as law enforcement ask that the public stay off roads in order not to further contribute to this problem. Motorists in all counties are asked to be part of the response team and to be patient as crews work to restore the state’s roads to safe condition for driving.

Power outages in all three counties continue but they are down significantly. In New Castle County 4,221 are without power, 27 households are without power in Sussex and 3 are without power in Kent Co. For those who need it, Red Cross shelters remain open at William Penn High School, Sussex Central High School and Milford Middle School.

The joint public relations team, representing the Delaware State Police, the Delaware Emergency Management Agency, the Delaware Department of Transportation, the Office of Highway Safety and the Delaware National Guard will continue to provide updates.