Statement from Governor Jack Markell on the 2014 Elections


“I applaud all of the candidates who worked hard during the 2014 campaign to offer their vision for our state’s future. It’s never easy to put one’s name on the ballot and be subject to everything that comes with seeking a public office, and everyone who does so plays an important role in our political process.

“I congratulate all of the incoming members of the 148th General Assembly, as well as the winners of our statewide races. I look forward to working with our new Attorney General Matt Denn, who has been an outstanding Lieutenant Governor and a devoted public servant, and who has proven he can get things done to improve people’s lives. While I am disappointed that I will not have the chance to work with Sean Barney or Brenda Mayrack, we can be proud of the races they ran and of the values on which they campaigned.

“One of the special parts about governing in our state is the tradition of leaders from across the political spectrum burying the hatchet after hard fought campaigns, no matter the results. I am excited about what we can accomplish together in the months ahead to continue to create jobs and grow the economy, while strengthening the quality of life in our state now and for generations to come. We have much work to do for the people we represent and I look forward to addressing the issues that are most important to them in the upcoming legislative session.”