Student cell phones banned in District Schools


Student possession of cell phones, pagers and other communication devices will be prohibited in all district schools under a revised policy adopted by the Indian River Board of Education on June 23, 2009.

The revised Student Discipline policy states that cell phones, pagers and other communication devices can be a disruption to the learning environment and are therefore banned in school buildings during normal school hours.

Cell phone use is also prohibited on school buses during the ride to and from school and during school-sponsored activities.

“Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, students cannot be in possession of cell phones or similar electronic devices while in our school buildings during the school day,” said Board of Education President Charles Bireley. “These devices have no place in the classroom and serve only as a distraction during valuable instructional time. Any student found to be in possession of a cell phone will face consequences under the district’s student discipline policy. The Board of Education believes these new regulations will create a more orderly and productive learning environment in each school.”

Students violating this policy must surrender any cell phone, pager or communication device on demand to school and district personnel. Failure to do so will result in suspension. Devices taken from students will be returned to the parent or guardian upon request during normal school hours.

Disciplinary consequences include 10 days of social probation and a parent conference for the first violation, 20 days of social probation and a parent conference for the second violation and 30 days of social probation and a parent conference for the third violation. Subsequent violations will result in a referral to the assistant superintendent for a hearing. The device will also be held for the remainder of the school year. Other sanctions may include out-of-school suspension, privilege restrictions and an additional period of social probation. Students on social probation are prohibited from participating in or attending extra-curricular activities, including sporting events, at all district schools.

Any necessary communication with parents during the school day will be facilitated through each school’s main office.

School principals are authorized to establish procedures to determine if circumstances warrant an individual waiver from the policy.

The new regulations are listed under “suspendable offenses” in the district’s Student Discipline policy (Policy JG, Page 13).

Copies of this policy can be found on the district web site @link href=’