Summer Music Camp sponsored by La Rosa HC


The Rosa Health Center in Georgetown, Delaware sponsored a one week free summer music camp for kids ages 5-13 years-old, this past July 29th to August 2nd.

The kids were introduced to rhythms and musical exploration through many activities. They enjoyed making rain sticks and harmonicas, engaging in rhythmic activities, and participating in sing-alongs.

At the end of the week, the group was able to showcase their musical talent in a small concert for their parents.

Camp directors Leela Chari and Kelly Kim, two seniors from Scarsdale High School,  New York, organized and led this summer music camp, hoping to share their enthusiasm for music with the local kids.

The program was also made possible by The Rosa Health Center staff who volunteered. Due to the success shown this year at the camp, The Rosa Health Center hopes to coordinate this program again next summer.