Support the DREAM Act

"Everyone deserves a chance at an education regardless of their legal status!!"


DELAWARE DREAM TEAM are students, educators, parents, and community members that advocate for the rights of immigrant youth, especially the passage of the DREAM Act.

What is the DREAM ACT:
The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act – Federal DREAM Act

The DREAM Act is essential because it finally creates a pathway for undocumented students to legalize their status.

Currently there is no line for such people who were brought to the United States as minors.

The DREAM Act would ensure that if a person meets the following criteria they will then be given a chance to FINALLY “get in line”:

– Entered the US prior to the age of 16;
-At least 5 years of presence in the US prior to Acts passage<
-Good moral character;
-High school diploma or GED; and
-A college degree or military service.

How can you help!

. Raise awareness about the DREAM Act
. Call your representative and ask him to vote in favor of the DREAM Act
– Rep Mike Castle (R) (302)428-1902
. Ask your Congressional Senators & Representtives to vote in support of the dream act by callin the Congressional Switchboard at 1-888-254-5087 and naming your State Senators/Representatives and ask the operator, "Could you connect me with Senator Xs (e.g. from example: Reid from Nevada) office, please?"
Call Senator Harry Reid to put the Dream Act up on the table for vote you can also reach him at 1-888-254-5087
. Join Team Contact us at:
You can tell Dream Team (302) 438-9069
.ENTER the TEXT Campaign to get updates about what is happening in Delaware.
Send a texy message with the word "dreamact" to 25827 and you will automatically receive information.
.Donate to our cause.