Sussex Academy Middle School Expedition


(Georgetown, DE) During the week of September 23rd Sussex Academy middle school students participated in a Beyond Our Boarders expedition.

The main topics of food/language, family life, education, economics and heritage, and traditions were chosen based on the information the students learned from their summer reading book, I Will Always Write Backby Caitlin Alifirenka. The three countries that the students studied were Peru, Philippines and Ghana.

Students were randomly grouped to one of the three countries and for four days they rotated through their core classes (English, math, social studies, science, reading and writing) and received lessons on each of the topics. Following the lessons, students worked on projects that were displayed for the school and families to view during the Expedition Showcase on September 26.

Sussex Academy is a public charter, tuition free, school. Centrally located in Georgetown, the school serves grades 6-12.

PHOTO (L to R): Richard Velasquez Perez and Ashton Browne