Sussex County U.S. 113 Intersection Improvement Project

Proposed Improvements Announced


The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announces proposed improvements to intersections at the following U.S. 113 locations in Sussex County: In the Millsboro area: U.S. 113 at State Route 20; Sheep Pen Road/Bark Pond Road; Cricket Street/Molly Field Road; Radish Road/2nd Street; Hickory Hill Road/Delaware Avenue; and Dagsboro Road (SR 20) /Handy Road. North of Ellendale: U.S. 113 at Staytonville Road/Fleatown Road.

These intersections have historically experienced high rates of accidents and as a result, were included as part of the Department’s Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The proposed intersection improvements may include, but are not limited to, median channelization and/or median closures to restrict certain movements to address safety and operational concerns at each intersection. The safety projects will minimize conflicts at the intersection while accommodating the heaviest turning movements and diverting traffic volumes to nearby intersections.

More specifically, the proposed improvements will include:

• US 113 at SR 20 – Extend the acceleration lane along southbound US 113 from eastbound SR 20

• US 113 at Sheep Pen Road / Bark Pond Road – Closure of the crossover at this intersection to allow only rights in and rights out on the side streets

• US 113 at Cricket Street / Molly Field Road – Installation of intersection channelization to accommodate northbound and southbound left turns only

• US 113 at Radish Road / 2nd Street – Modify the median crossover to allow left turns from northbound and southbound

• US 113 while prohibiting left turns from the side streets (Radish Road and Second Street)

• US 113 at Hickory Hill Road / Delaware Avenue – Modify the median crossover to allow left turns from northbound and southbound US 113 while prohibiting left turns from the side streets (Hickory Hill Road and Delaware Avenue)

• US 113 at Dagsboro (SR 20) / Handy Road – Install a double southbound left-turn lane with 700 feet of storage to accommodate the heavy southbound US 113 left-turn movement onto Dagsboro Road. This improvement will require closing the median opening located approximately 600 feet north of the intersection. Widening will be required on SR 20 (Dagsboro Road) within the curve located east of US 113 to accommodate two receiving lanes

• US 113 at Staytonville Road / Fleatown Road – Modify the crossover to allow left turns from Fleatown Road westbound onto southbound US 113 as well as left turns from southbound

• US 113 onto Fleatown Road eastbound. Northbound left turns from US 113 onto Staytonville Road would be eliminated as well as eastbound left turns from Staytonville Road onto northbound US 113

These improvements are the result of input and feedback from individuals in the community. The next step in this process will involve DelDOT proceeding to the design phase. There will be another opportunity for public comment prior to construction. Actual construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2011 (pending funding).

Interested persons are invited to express their views in writing through February 20, 2009. Comments will be received via e-mail through the project’s Web page.

DelDOT encourages you to stay informed of the project as it continues through the design process. Additional information can be obtained from the project’s Web site at:

For further information, contact DelDOT’s Office of Public Relations at 1-800-652-5600.