Sussex Tech Welcomes New Faculty Members    


<(Georgetown, DE) – In preparation for the 22-23 school year, Sussex Tech hosted a new staff orientation for both new faculty members and current faculty members who moved into new roles. 

Faculty met the school administration team, toured the property, participated in team building experiences, and engaged in discussions about the school and education.

Sussex Tech welcomes the following faculty to the 2022-2023 school year:
Sharon Cannon, Special Education Teacher
Torie Carter, CNA Instructor
Brad Ellingsworth, Special Education Teacher
Eston Ennis, Special Education Teacher
Austin Gardoski, Paraeducator
Ed Hall, ITN Cisco Teacher
Jonathan Hammond, Maritime Science Instructor for Coast Guard JROTC
Naomi Hasting, School Nurse
Tonya James, School Counselor

Brian LeKites, English Teacher
Sam King, Math Teacher
Daniel Lord, Engineering Design Technology Teacher
Cassidy Marvel, Special Education Teacher
John Marvel, Student Services Coordinator
Katy Morris, Cosmetology Teacher
Ceocie Scott, Paraeducator
Chuck Stewart, Physical Education Teacher
Peter Sutton, Social Studies Teacher
Alex Tasker, Social Studies Teacher
Kristen Wright, Physical Education Teacher
Sussex Vocational Technical School is a public school that prepares Sussex County, DE high school students for their future success in both higher education and workforce environments. 

PHOTO: (L:R) Jonathan Hammond, Naomi Hastings, Daniel Lord, Kelsey Mulford, Tonya James, Cassidy Marvel, Alex Tasker, Austin Gardoski, Sharon Cannon, Ed Hall, Peter Sutton,Eston Ennis, Bradley Ellingsworth, Guy Rush, Samuel King