Taxpayers urged to take advantage of amnesty program less than three weeks remain to pay back taxes without penalties and interest


DOVER – Gov. Jack Markell and state finance officials reminded taxpayers Tuesday that they have less than three weeks to take advantage of the state’s Voluntary Tax Compliance Initiative that will allow individuals and businesses to pay outstanding State of Delaware tax liabilities without penalty. The deadline for enrolling in the program is Oct. 30.
“This amnesty program is generating crucial funding to help government meet its core commitments, such as teachers in the classroom, police on the street and care for our most vulnerable citizens, while also benefiting taxpayers,” Markell said.
The Voluntary Tax Compliance Initiative is a one-time tax amnesty program designed for individuals and businesses to pay their outstanding State of Delaware tax liabilities, free of penalty and interest.
All balances must then be paid in full by June 30. The Division of Revenue also expects a number of its accounts – some more than a decade old – will be paid in full this year, which decreases Revenue’s in-house collection costs.
“Enrolling in this program allows taxpayers to avoid costly penalties and fees while making their balances smaller and easier to manage,” said Acting Secretary of Finance Tom Cook.
To take advantage of the tax amnesty program, taxpayers must register with the State of Delaware by Oct. 30. To register, call (877) 551-5233 or visit @link href=’’target=”_blank”>
“We want everyone to know that they only have until October 30, to register,” said Division of Revenue Director Patrick Carter. “After that, penalty and interest fees remain, and tax liability balances will be significantly higher than they are right now.”