Telephone scams in Sussex

Sussex County Sheriff’s Office warns public to be on lookout for telephone scams


In recent days, the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office has become aware of numerous fictitious calls being made in the county supposedly on behalf of the department. The latest scam making the rounds has a caller purporting to be a Sussex County sheriff’s deputy. The scammer claims the intended victim missed jury duty and a warrant for his or her arrest has been issued by the courts. In order to avoid arrest, the scammer demands the intended victim pay a sum of money.

The Sussex County Sheriff’s Office reminds the public that deputies will never solicit citizens by telephone or email to collect funds, fines or fees. Additionally, contact by the sheriff’s office will be made in person whenever subpoenas or other court-related documents must be delivered to citizens.

To assist the public, the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office provides the following tips to anyone who encounters a suspicious call:

  • Do not panic. It is likely a scam;
  • Try to obtain the caller’s name, a physical address and a telephone number, as well asthe name of the organization represented;
  • Do not wire money, and do not agree to any terms or conditions;
  • Do not give sensitive or personal identifying information, such as Social Securitynumbers, bank account numbers, passwords, addresses, or dates of birth;
  • If the call seems suspicious, hang up and directly contact the agency in question to verifyany claims;
  • Contact local law enforcement to report the suspected scam.