The listing of schools and contacts including progress on CLAY POT project for: GO RED FOR WOMEN LUCHEON AND FASHION SHOW


Holy Cross Elementary – Mrs. Sharon Benini, is the art teacher. Intermediate grade students doing project – 302-674-5784 (pots from this school are now ready for pick-up by coordinator) Comments from Holy Cross staff, Sharon Benini at Holy Cross–“We did this as a progressive art activity and over 100 students from grades 4-8 helped to create the pots. Each student that worked on an individual pot (some worked on several) signed their name to the bottom of the pot. I thought that might be fun to know as someone sitting at the table might know the family of one of the artists, and it might help wtih the bidding.”

Stokes Elementary School (Caesar Rodney District)– Robin Conant is the school secretary in the main office. 302-697-3205

Central Elementary School (Lake Forest District) – John Martin is the principal. 302-284-5810

Polytech High School – Susan Wujtewicz is the Environmental Science teacher and FFA advisor. 302-697-3255 (high school number – they’ll transfer you to her extension); or contact me in the district office 302-697-2170.

All the schools indicated a willingness to be contacted. As stated by the coordinator of this project, Ms. Ann Nutter, who also serves as a Volunteer on Go Red Committee for Decorations and Centerpieces, provides the following update points:

The project that will result in some beautiful and unique centerpieces for the Go Red Luncheon and Fashion Show on Friday the 5th – centerpieces we hope generate a lot of interest and some nice donations to the Heart Association. And as a ‘bonus’ some young people are a lot more aware of women’s heart health – which appeals to me (Ann Nutter) as an educator and as a ‘survivor’.

Students in the three elementary schools are decorating clay pots – all will reflect the individual creativity of the 82 students who are involved. Holy Cross has 30 pots – they are being done by the upper grade (intermediate) students in the school. I understand their pots are finished. I’m scheduled to pick them up this Friday.

Stokes has 22 pots –those students are all in the lower elementary grades. I won’t pick theirs up until Monday of next week.

Central Elementary has 30 pots. Again, it’s lower elementary age students. Those pots are scheduled for Monday pick up as well.

The decorated pots will then come to the greenhouse here at Polytech. Polytech’s Environmental Science / FFA students will be transplanting primroses into the pots decorated by the elementary students. The high school students will be volunteering their time and doing this as a community service project – for their Environmental Science portfolios and/or their FFA volunteer work.

I spoke to the class at Polytech (combination of juniors and seniors that meet daily from about 1:30 to 2:55) about the national event, the Sheraton event on the 5th, heart disease and women in general, my story in particular and the 82 decorated clay pots. Ms. W. (as the students call her) and I hoped to get 2 or 3 students to volunteer to transplant the primroses. Nearly the entire class volunteered! The transplanting will happen next week and the pots will stay in the greenhouse until the end of the school day on the 4th when we’ll move them to the Sheraton.

The schools were very excited and willing to be part of this project! I would love to see the project expanded and include more schools next year – and maybe have the centerpieces become a bit more elaborate. –Ann Nutter