The Pennsylvania Immigrant Relief Fund


In the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 40 organizations across Pennsylvania came together to form the PA Immigrant Relief Fund, a statewide fund that will provide direct emergency assistance to people excluded from federal COVID-19 assistance programs due to their immigration status or the immigration status of a family member and are in need of immediate financial assistance.

“The current crisis magnifies the inequities that immigrant communities in Pennsylvania already experience. While we are fighting to create the long-term change our community needs, we must also take care of people today”, says the speaker of the Organization.

In its first round of distribution, the PA Immigrant Relief Fund distributed funds to 30 organizations across the state who are providing $800 cash assistance to 580 individuals statewide.

The organization assures that every dollar donated clicking the link below will be directed to community-based organizations to be distributed as emergency assistance to eligible individuals.

For donations click here