The Trike-A-Thon


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In Annex the children enjoyed a different activity. The Trike –A- Thon a fun involving preschool children, their parents and friend in a creative learning experience that raises money for ST. Jude Children Hospital. . This consisted of a week of free curriculum based o Trike and riding bike safety. We read from a storybook provided by ST. Jude That features the program’s main character, Bike well’s Bear. All children bring their trike and riding toy or bike and practice the rules they have learned. Parents collected money from friends, family and co-workers who have sponsored their child’s participation in the program. Also the Policeman Department cooperates with Annex Center for safety reason they closed part of the Street. The children from Annex collected and send $452…00.

A Fund –raiser to help St. Jude continue its efforts in the research and treatment of childhood catastrophic diseases… we are proud of Annex children and their families.

The Principal, Miguelina says “Also we received a donation from Jefferson School, always they are open to help us.We really appreciate.”

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