The Wellness Community hosts the healing power of dreams and nightmares


As far back as 2500BC, there are written records of the connection between dreams, illness, and healing. Through the ages and throughout all cultures, people have found dreams a useful tool in their quest for wellness. Today, people with cancer are learning how to use dreams in their fight for recovery.

Wendy Pannier, who has conducted workshops and dream groups with The Wellness Communities in the Mid-Atlantic region for the past 12 years, will lead the free program in Rehoboth on Tuesday, November 3 from 11am-2 pm, entitled, The Healing Power of Dreams and Nightmares. Wendy Pannier, a stage IV-B cancer survivor, used dream work in her own recovery and last year celebrated 14 years in remission. Wendy is the Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

You will have an opportunity to explore different ways to unlock the meanings of your dreams through proven mind/body and visualization techniques, helping you harness the healing power of your dreams. Dream work is a process to balance mind, body and spirit. You don’t need to share your dreams with others in the workshop, although you are invited to do so, if you choose. This workshop will provide techniques to:

• Harness the energy of your dream images to balance mind, body and spirit to positively impact your immune system.

• Use dream imagery to enhance other practices, including art, yoga, visualization/guided imagery, journaling and knitting, among others.

• Understand the important messages of nightmares and transform frightening images into healing images.

Call 645-9150 for more information and to reserve a space at The Healing Power of Dreams and Nightmares. This workshop open to people affected by cancer and is free of charge. The workshop will be held at The Wellness Community’s Sussex County Facility located at 18947 John J. Williams Hwy., Suite 312, Medical Arts Building in Rehoboth.. Deadline to register is Friday, October 30th. Please bring a bag lunch or snack to enjoy during the break.