This sounds depressing; it makes me want to give up


A: Yes, it depressing but please, please do not give up hope! While we are fighting this battle in the courts, there’s a lot that you can and should do, such as:

Continue gathering documents to show your proof of continuous presence in the U.S; File your taxes—April 15th is coming up soon.

If you don’t have an ITIN—a taxpayer identification number—apply for it now; it’s free and you might actually get money back from the IRS! Make sure that you have an updated passport, a certified or original copy of your birth certificate and the birth certificates of your U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident children;

If you have ever been arrested by the police or caught at the border—even if they let you go, even if it was not under your real name, and especially if you were fingerprinted, please, please make an appointment to see a qualified immigration ATTORNEY—not a notario, not a friend, not a travel agent—NOW and ask that immigration attorney to assist you in obtaining your records from the FBI.

Immigration attorneys can do this by helping you get your fingerprints taken at different places (not police stations!).

Once you have obtained a full set of fingerprints, your immigration attorney can send them in to the FBI, using that attorney’s address (not yours!).

This way if you have an arrest record that you didn’t know about/forgot about, you won’t have to worry that someone will appear at your home and take you away from your family.