SB 59 acaba de ser aprobada en el Senado de Dover


Dover – La SB59 (ley de tarjetas de manejo para conductores indocumentados en Delaware) acaba de ser aprobada en el Senado de la Asamblea Legislativa en Dover por 17 votos a favor, 1 en contra y 3 senadores no votaron.
Ahora se va a la Cámara de Representantes.
(Nota: La ley ha sido aprobada junto con la previsión para que no sean pasados los datos suministrados al gobierno federal, excepto en el caso de existencia de un delito grave).

BREAKING NEWS: Dover – SB59 (Driving Privilege Card for Undocumented Delawareans Bill) has been passed by the Senate in Dover. YES: 17. NO: 1. No voting: 3. Now, it goes to the House of Representatives.

Senate Bill 59, which would help make the First State’s roads safer by establishing Driving Privilege Cards for undocumented Delawareans, passed 17-1 in the Senate.

The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Bryan Townsend with bi-partisan support, would enable Delawareans who are not citizens to drive lawfully after meeting the same requirements of licensed drivers. That includes requiring them to purchase car insurance and pass written, road and vision tests, just as others must do before operating a motor vehicle.

SB 59 now heads to the House of Representatives.

“This is important, common-sense legislation that will make Delaware’s roadways safer,” Sen. Townsend said. “Delaware’s drivers deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their fellow motorists have the proper driver training and requisite auto insurance if, God forbid, there is an accident. I’m pleased that such a broad coalition of stakeholders sees this as good public safety policy that also empowers members of our community who are now fearful every time they get behind the wheel.”


The Driving Privilege Card proposal is the outgrowth of the 25-member Undocumented Motorist Safety and Insurance Task Force, a diverse panel which included lawmakers, the insurance commissioner, transportation officials, law enforcement officers and community leaders.

Sen. Robert Marshall, D-Wilmington West, Rep. Helene Keeley, D-Wilmington South, and Rep. Joseph Miro, R-Pike Creek Valley, are co-sponsors of the legislation, which was released from committee Wednesday afternoon and now heads to the Senate floor.


Pictures: DHC & DE State Senate Democratic Caucus