Upcoming Films at the Schwartz Center for the Arts


Dover, DE – The movie series continues in October at the Schwartz Center opening with “Is Anybody There” starring Oscar-winner MICHAEL CAINE playing the Amazing Clarence, a widower and retired magician who befriends a 10-year-old boy named Edward. Edward lives in a struggling, British, retirement home, run by his parents in 1987. Edward is fascinated with ghosts and tries to capture them by placing his tape recorder under the beds of retirees at death’s door. Initially adverse, a touching relationship grows between the old man and young boy. Out of the past 100 movies, Caine has said that this was the best filmmaking experience of his career. (1:35, PG-13 for language, including sexual references and some disturbing images) “Is Anybody There” will show on Wednesday and Sunday, October 7 and 11 at 7 pm.

Second in the movie series is “In the Loop” showing at the Schwartz Center on Wednesday and Sunday, October 14 and 18 at 7 pm. Featured in this ensemble comedy is JAMES GANDOLFINI, star of HBO’s The Sopranos. He plays Lieutenant General George Miller who doesn’t agree his country should go to war. This comes after officials under the British Prime Minister and in the US State Department catch wind of an impending war declaration from both governments. The razor-sharp satire with laugh-out-loud dialogue pokes fun at the absurdity and ineptitude within both governments. Critics hailed it as one of the best films of the year with one saying, “The language is amongst the most skillful and creative use of vulgarity… smart whilst being crude.” (1:46, Not Rated but recommended for Mature Audiences)

Showing on Wednesday and Sunday, October 28 and November 1 at 7 pm is “500 Days of Summer” JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT (3rd Rock from the Sun) stars as Tom Hansen, a writer for a Los Angeles greeting card company but who really wants to be an architect. ZOOEY DESCHANEL (Tin Man) plays Summer Finn, a secretary at the same company whose first day on the job starts the titular romance. Described as “a mood ring cued to the ups, downs, and confusions of modern love,” this is being hailed as the most inventive and charming love story of the year with an amazing soundtrack. (1:35, PG-13 for sexual material and language)

Admission to films at the Schwartz Center is $8 per person and $6 for students, military and age 65 and older, with identification.