Update on Old Furnace road closure and bridge replacement


Georgetown – In response to the recent road collapse, Department of Transportation (DelDOT) bridge engineers are continuing to collect field data to determine exactly what kind of structure should be used on Old Furnace Road over Deep Creek. At this time, it appears that a single 60-foot span structure consisting of pre-stressed concrete beams on concrete abutments would be appropriate to use. Total estimated cost of the structure will be approximately $800,000 including design, utility relocation and construction.

While the bridge is being designed, DelDOT will move through the permitting and bid processes. Construction is anticipated to begin within the next three months.

DelDOT is inspecting similar structures that were under water or carried large amounts of water during the recent storm event to ensure they are safe. Further investigation will occur at locations if warranted.

It is important for motorists to note that additional traffic, including truck traffic, will be taking nearby Rum Ridge Road as a detour. Truck drivers should note that Rum Bridge Road has a truck weight restriction of 15 tons. The bridge structure has not been compromised by the heavy storms, and is not in danger of failure, but roads such as this are not designed to carry heavier truck traffic.

Therefore in order to preserve the quality of this road, trucks larger than 15 tons should not use Rum Bridge Road. They should follow the posted truck detour. The detour directs eastbound traffic to take Old Furnace Road to Cokesbury Road and then take a right on Route 404/18 towards Route 113. Follow Route 113 southbound to Route 9 and travel westbound to Old Furnace Road.

Traffic going westbound would take Old Furnace Road to Route 20 westbound to Route 13 northbound, taking a right onto Middleford Road and then back to Old Furnace Road. Additional signage is placed on Route 9 and Route 404/18 to alert trucks of the detour on Rum Bridge Road.