Valentine’s Day: What Men or Women Should Not Do if They Want Their Relationships to Last


As florists, jewelry stores, candies and chocolate manufacturers gear up for the big V Day, some say that love can never be sufficiently expressed by gifts and fancy dinners, and that receiving a heartfelt expression of love from one’s lover is still the most memorable experience.

Yet Valentine’s Day could very well be one of the most stressful day of the year for men and women.

One is trying to pick out the perfect “expression” — the jewelry or the right restaurant — because the gift might be judged critically by your partner as the “degree of love.”

However, the million dollar question remains: does relationships in America last longer?

Has relationships in America become a “revolving-door” — the date you have in front of you will no longer be with you comes next Valentine’s Day?

“Many singles spend time and money going on dates and yet over 90% of dating ends up in breakups.” said relationship expert and bestselling author Hellen Chen, who is known as an unorthodox matchmaker, specially helping singles or divorcees who have had disappointments in relationships to heal and enter into a stable marriage.

Chen is also an author of 25 books and her signature book “The Matchmaker of the Century” which covers real-life stories of individuals and couples who went through hard times and how they turned around in their relationships, became the Number One bestselling Marriage and Relationship book on Barnes and Noble.

“Yes, you can splurge and leave a deep impression on your partner on Valentine’s Days. But what next? If you are married, how do you keep up the passion year after year? If you are single, are you going to play real in this relationship or are you just waiting for an inevitable breakup to happen?” said Chen.

At her recent “Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar” series held in Dubai and coming to USA, Chen asked for dating singles to short-cut the time for dating and have a marriage goal and plan in mind.

“If you want your relationship to last, if you think you have found your one and only, don’t waste your time dating but get married, and date your spouse for the rest of your life.” said Chen at the event.

As for married couples, Chen spoke about the need to “fall in love” newly and never put the marriage on “automatic.”

“A marriage is not an object or a piece of furniture where you buy it and then just put it aside. Love is as valuable and lasting as you are willing to work hard for it.” said Chen.

Chen is lovingly called the “Matchmaker of the Century” by the couples she had helped as she counseled men and women who had lost hope in affairs of the heart to find and keep a stable happy relationship again.

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