Voice your opinion on potential Fiscal Cliff deal


It goes without saying: we are in a bad economic situation. We are living it each day in our homes and our workplaces.

The Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies understands that the government needs to take immediate action to keep us from falling off the “Fiscal Cliff”* at the end of the month. Currently, there is a deal on the table that includes limiting the charitable giving incentive.

The New York Times is reporting that Speaker Boehner is willing to accept President Obama’s plan to limit the value of itemized deductions to 28%, as part of a fiscal cliff deal. This includes charitable donations.

The Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies (DANA) has taken the position that the charitable giving incentive should be left alone.

At the same time, DANA acknowledges that there are alternatives on the table other than the one mentioned above, such as a cap on charitable deductions. Some of these alternatives (known and unknown) could be even more detrimental to the health of the nonprofit sector and services it provides.

That said, DANA is fully encouraging you to voice your own opinion on charitable contributions, even if it differs. It is extremely important with such far-reaching impacts at stake that our government leaders understand the breadth of how each decision affects each United States citizen. Please take action immediately, so your voices can be heard before a decision is made!

Below are the contact numbers (and twitter handles) for the White House and Speaker Boehner. If you share our position, we have also included suggested messaging:

White House:
Phone: (202) 456-1111
Twitter: @WhiteHouse

Speaker Boehner
Phone: (202) 225-0600
Twitter: @SpeakerBoehner

Suggested messaging:
If you agree with our position, we encourage you to call the White House and Speaker Boehner’s office and give the operator the following message:

The limit on charitable deductions hurts front line nonprofits serving people in need. Don’t hurt the helpers. Don’t limit charitable deductions! Make sure to give your name, City and State, and tell what the charitable deduction means to the work you do or the services you rely on.

If you agree with our position, we encourage you to use this sample tweet:

@WhiteHouse @SpeakerBoehner – Capping charitable deductions hurts communities. Say no to 28% limit! #protectgiving

Once you’ve made your voice heard, please consider reaching out to your colleagues and encourage them to do the same.

* The “Fiscal Cliff” refers to a series of tax increases and budget cuts that take effect around the first of the year, unless Congress acts to avoid them.