Want your neighborhood to look great?

It all starts with you...and the Adopt-A-Highway Program!


What does it cost? There is NO CHARGE to participate in this program.

What do I get for participating?

• Two signs (provided by DelDot) posted on your adopted road wih your community’s name on it

• Safety vests fro all participants, trash bags, and rubber gloves

• Access to online filing of avtivity reports – no need to mail in

• Other incentive prizes, certificates of appreciation, letters of community sevice, biannual newsletters, an information-packed Web site

What do I have to do?:

• Clean the roadside (individually or with your neighbors) at least three times per calendar year and let us know about it by filling out the one-page activity report that we provide.

• Let us know where you’ve left the trash bags (or recycle the trash yourself) and we’ll pick it up and dispose of it for you.