What are you expecting today: judgement or love?


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Most people in the world yearn for love; yet, they expect judgment. They wait for the final judgment in resignation. They fail to engage in meaningful action that could help them grow. They judge rather than love because they have been judged by others unmercifully, or judged themselves without love.

Could it be that they don’t see that love is the gift, which has been already given? Could it be that people have not yet learned to love themselves in the purity of self-acceptance? Could it be that they focus on the mistakes of the yesterday or the problems of tomorrow thus they can’t move today? Regrets rob us all of hope and love.

Many say they love but their actions do not show it. A superficial kind of love changes nothing. They cannot feel the deep love because they have built walls of self-protection. Many are held captive by these walls preventing them from connecting with others in deeper ways. They need healing from wounds of the inner child.

I write today because this is my meaningful action to help stop the cycles that are co-creating this world that waxes worse and worse. Daily, we can change things around by becoming a force for good. We can choose to walk courageously focused in this moment. Today, we can heal and become streams of healing for others. After all, today is all we have.

The light shines on our hearts and bids love to flow out of the hidden places. Let love be shared. Let it manifest for the sake of the children. Guide them to true love. Most children have not experienced it. They see the world as a dangerous place, a place of broken trust and loss of innocence. Their hearts yearn for love would you help them find it? We all need love. Ours is a troubled world but Jesus said ‘let not your heart be troubled…’

What are you expecting and giving today: Judgment or Love?

For those who are expecting and giving judgment there is a call to love and responsibility: ‘Do not wait for the last judgment it takes place every day’ (Albert Camus) and for those who are expecting and giving love, we are encouraged to continue with these words ‘And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins” (Apostle Peter).

(The word sin in Greek ‘harmatia’ regarded as a failing and missing the true end and scope of our lives, which is God; God is LOVE)