What The Republican Debate Means to Residents of Delaware


The real question is “What does the Presidential election mean to residents of Delaware”, and not the lack of substance in the Republican Debate.

Primarily, Delaware residents want to have a good quality of life- meaning they want to have equal tools to pursue a good and satisfying life.They want to live their lives in fairness and dignity.

The residents of Delaware need financial stability for their families and assurance of job  security. They need fair wages, health insurance and the ability to make sure their children get to school safely, and have access to a good education.

Delaware women, moms and wives need to be assured that they can perform their daily chores in a safe and certain environment. Delaware women need to be assured that they can plan their own destinies- that they can be free to plan the kind of family they want, free of government intervention.

All of these aspirations require a strong group of elected individuals with the same values – meaning we need a Democratic President of the United States, who wants to shore up and protect the right of every American to a good life, with a Congress to support the President.

This means access to good education and health care, fair wages, protection of the family and most important to the American way of life- protection of its people when they are old, physically infirm, or without means to care for themselves and/or their families.

None of the Republican candidates discussed any of these important issues at the debate.

It is difficult to analyze the value of their positions when they never discussed these important values of American life.

Democratic candidates will argue about what is the best way to facilitate these important goals to insure that residents of Delaware have a fulfilling life.