Woodland ferry closed for maintenance

Seaford, DE – The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) reminds motorists that the Woodland Ferry is closed for the inspection of the ferry by the U. S. Coast Guard, as well as extended maintenance service.

While there has been a delay in beginning of the maintenance work, the contractor will be making these repairs to the ferry: replacement of the engine, hull repairs, work on the hydraulic system and fuel tank, painting, and any supplemental work that may need to be addressed.

Motorists are encouraged to use alternative routes to reach points between Laurel and Seaford, such as taking Seaford Road/Alternate Route 13 to Route 20/Stein Highway to Sussex Avenue to Woodland Road and then to Woodland Ferry Road. The reverse of this detour will apply travelling from Seaford to Laurel.

DelDOT appreciates the patience of ferry users as we make adjustments to ensure that the ferry functions on a regular basis.

For up-to-date travel information visit http://www.DelDOT.gov

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