Woodland Ferry Status Update


Seaford – The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announces that since the Woodland Ferry was taken out of operation in late December, DelDOT, George & Lynch and Chesapeake Shipbuilding have been working to get the vessel repaired and back in service.

Chesapeake Shipbuilding, via their subcontractor, has made repairs to the hydraulics, and DelDOT has been working to assess and repair the thruster on the vessel. DelDOT and the contractors involved are also assessing docking and ramping issues.

DelDOT hopes to resume ferry service within the next month, but cautions that future repairs and modifications may require it to be taken out of service for short periods of time. DelDOT apologizes for the interruption of service, but finds it is necessary to do so to ensure the vessel meets the needs of the traveling public.

It is important to note that this vessel is unique and was custom made to continue the historical significance of the area. Therefore, it requires attention to detail and ultimately more time to assess problems and make needed repairs or modifications.

Essentially all repairs to the vessel have been borne by the shipbuilder under the warranty, therefore there has been no additional cost to taxpayers.

DelDOT, while disappointed and frustrated with the vessel’s service thus far, is doing everything in its power to make timely repairs to return the vessel to service.

For more information, visit DelDOT’s website at www.deldot.gov.

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