Yes We Can/ Sí Se Puede


Part of the Delaware Hispanic Committee’s mission is to keep the community informed of the activities carried out by the various subcommittees, so that we walk the journey towards our ideals sharing our efforts and receiving your feedback. In this message I want to make reference to four issues: the Hispanic-American Business Resource Center, the Motor Safety Task Force, and the preparation for the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration taking place on October 4, 2014.

The Hispanic-American Business Resource Center has been created under the leadership of the Vice President, Co-Chair Sonia Aguilar. This is a pilot program that will operate in several libraries in the State. If the community demonstrates that there is a need for this type of training, it can become a permanent program. Its success depends on the participation of mainly Hispanic business people, who will benefit from the training provided. The participating libraries for the two hour, six-part course are: Seaford, Wilmington, Dover and Georgetown. The training is titled: ”How to do Business in Delaware”. The first training session began March 1st in Seaford and Georgetown.

All those who wish to open a business or want to expand their business are invited to register. For more information call Sonia Aguilar, at 302-672-6850, or/and Meghan Fisher at 302-672-6805. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to realize your business goals. You now have professional experts who will guide you at every step of the way. The courses are being taught in Spanish and will be offered in English if enough English speaking participant register.

Another promising development is the creation by the legislators of the Motor Safety Task Force. This group is dedicated to researching the topic and making a recommendation based on their findings. They are to present their findings in November 2014 on providing safety driving cards to those individuals who, due to lack of residence documents, cannot get a driver’s license. Road safety depends on motorists being instructed, tested, licensed, and with access to car insurance. Just as every Hispanic hard-working person excels in their work; every Hispanic who wishes to obtain a driving permit will make all efforts to read the Delaware Driving Manual to learn about driver safety and Delaware traffic laws to successfully pass the tests to obtain a permit. This will happen, provided a positive recommendation comes from the Task Force and legislation is proposed for that purpose. We can only hope that the Latino community will be allowed to contribute to safety on the roads by obtaining safety driving cards.

The preparations for the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month are under way. The date for this celebration is set for Saturday, October 4, 2014. It is a all-day affair that will start with a health fair in the morning, will continue with a panel of DHC committee members that will discuss their challenges and accomplishments, entertainment by prestigious artists and will conclude with dinner. Mark the date on your calendar. The event will take place at Schwartz Center for the Arts in Dover, Delaware. If you have talent or know someone who has it, call Charito Calvachi-Mateyko 717-951-0905.