Authors Dan Shortridge and Rachel Kipp offer exciting Father’s Day activities for the state of Delaware


Dan Shortridge and Rachel Kipp, authors of “100 Things to Do in Delaware Before You Die,” talk about the best places in the state to appreciate Father’s Day weekend.

Some of their favorite tips include:

● Strolling on the best family-friendly boardwalks on the coast, where many heart’s desires can be fulfilled from the shops, eateries, and beaches nearby.

● Spending a day having the Brandywine Park experience which includes walking paths, picnic areas, athletic fields, not to mention the beautiful colors of nature: waterfalls, cherry-blossom trees, and bright bushes.

● Chowing down on a Charcoal Pit burger, which would be complimented sublimely by the esteemed hand-dipped shakes to cool you off on a warm summer day.

For Shortridge and Kipp there’s no place quite like Delaware.

Where else can you drive the length of the state in three hours, bump into a US Senator at the grocery store, and see the preserved hull of a 1798 shipwreck—all in the same day? It may be one of the smallest states in the Union, but Delaware has countless hidden gems to offer visitors and residents alike.

100 Things to Do in Delaware Before You Die is your handbook to discovering these diamonds in the Diamond State, from the warm ocean beaches to bucolic farm country, complete with family-friendly listings and must-do itineraries. Try the best beach popcorn and the unique creation known as scrapple. Get ready for outdoor adventure like paddling into primeval forests or watching birds from all over the Atlantic flyway. Tour a Civil War island prison, watch a movie in a classic single-screen theatre, and find the best antique shopping around.

Delaware experts Rachel Kipp and Dan Shortridge will escort you around the First State’s best-kept secrets. From horseshoe crabs to Colonial architecture, their detailed inside scoops will fascinate visitors and locals alike.



About the Authors

Dan Shortridge and Rachel Kipp are a husband-and-wife writing team with nearly four decades of combined experience in journalism and public relations. They have lived in Delaware for a total of 40 years, living or working in all three counties. As reporters for Delaware’s largest newspaper, they covered the state from top to bottom, writing about education, the arts, politics, government, business, and more. Rachel and Dan live in central Delaware with their three children and are always on the hunt for new things to do and places to go. Follow them at @100thingsinde on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.