Chica de HOY Febrero: Tabhata Ramírez


“Right now I’m balancing my education, sports, and clubs that I’m join in. Which is very difficult but possible to do.

Everyday I try to have my own time to embrace my creative side by being the photographer/ director and the model at the same time then editing the photo or video. I would like to become a model someday to stop the many stereotypes. One being that you don’t have to be tall to become a model also to show people that you can make it as long as you have a mindset.

Other then being a model, I would like to finish college with a diploma of art including drawing, photography, editing, videographer, and fashion . I know that one day I will have the opportunity to finish college and be a model because it’s all about having a mindset but actually doing it, there is no ‘I do it later or tomorrow’ it’s all about now.

We can’t stop time nor reward it so we have to appreciate very second.”

Photos: HOY en Delaware/MXVM