State Rep. Ruth Briggs King discusses the recently-concluded budget hearings held by the Joint Finance Committee

State Rep. Ruth Briggs-King is one of the 12 lawmakers that sit on the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) — eight Democrats and four Republicans — who are responsible for fashioning the state’s multi-billion-dollar annual operating budget.
The group recently concluded four weeks of budget hearings, examining the governor’s suggested Fiscal Year 2022 $4.7 billion spending plan. Over the next four months, the JFC will rewrite the governor’s proposal, keeping much of it intact but altering portions of it to reflect their own priorities.
The JFC is also responsible for reviewing the state’s $55 million Grants-in-Aid Bill. The omnibus measure provides money for hundreds of nonprofit organizations throughout the state that serve the community, including volunteer fire companies and senior centers.
Since the state is limited by law to spend no more than 98% of projected revenues, the JFC will be paying attention to the revenue estimates that will be issued monthly between now and the start of the new fiscal year on July 1.
In this video, Ruth discusses the budget, the governor’s decision to equip Delaware police officers with body cameras, and her proposal to make the Grants-in-Aid process more efficient and accountable to taxpayers.