Frank Shade explicó a los comerciantes hispanos sus derechos como votantes y cómo actuar ante posibles irregularidades el día 2 de Noviembre


En la reunión celebrada en Georgetown el 26 de Octubre, Frank Shade, candidato a la Cámara de Representantes por el Distrito 37, explicó a los comerciantes hispanos de Delaware, los derechos de todos los votantes así como dónde acudir en el caso de observar presuntas irregularidades.

Entre otras Shade dijo:

– Todos los votantes cuentan

– Si ve algún tipo de intimidación a los votantes el 2 de noviembre, llame al:

– Se considera intimidación a los votantes:

. Amenazar y/o acosar a personas o grupos
• Impedir a los votantes a colocarse en la fila para votar. 
• Obligar a la gente a abandonar la fila para votar después de las 8 pm (si usted está en fila a las 8 pm usted puede votar)

. Difundir información errónea sobre la ilegibilidad de ciertas personas para votar (por ejemplo, decir que para votar “debe hablar inglés” o “haber pagado la manutención de los hijos antes de poder votar”)

• Grabación en video o fotografiar a personas en línea

• Hostilidades en general

Si usted ve cualquier tipo de información errónea antes del 2 de noviembre (por ejemplo, anuncios diciendo “No olvide votar el 3 de noviembre”), por favor trate de obtener una copia de los anuncios, y envíela por correo electrónico a


If you see any kind of voter intimidation on November 2, call:


Voter intimidation can include:
Individual or group harassment and threats
Blocking people from getting in line
Forcing people out of line after 8 pm (if you’re in line at 8 pm, you do get to vote!!)
Spreading misinformation that certain people aren’t eligible to vote (e.g., “You must speak English to vote” or “You must have paid all your child support before you can vote”)
Videotaping or photographing individuals in line
General hostilities

If you see any kind of misinformation before November 2 (e.g., ads saying “Be sure to vote on November 3!!”), please try to get a copy of the ads, and then email: HYPERLINK “”

Voters rights

1. On Election Day, each polling place is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. If you are standing in line prior to the closing of the polls, you have the right to cast your vote.
2. If you have children under the age of 17, you can bring them into the voting booth with you.
3. If you are a voter with special needs, you may bring someone with them to help in the voting process and can ask for assistance in voting at the polling place. Voting machines can be adjusted for those voters who have difficulty reaching the ballot when the machine is in an upright position.
4. If you have moved and appear at your old polling place, you should be instructed to complete an affidavit and instructed to go to the new polling place, where you will be allowed to vote a normal ballot.
5. If you have moved and appear at your new polling place, you should be instructed to complete an affidavit and allowed to vote a normal ballot.
6. If you are on the list of “inactive” voters, you are still eligible to vote if you show up at a polling place and provide an affirmation of permanent residence.
7. If you are not voting for the first time in Delaware, you can vote by regular ballot without showing any personal identification at the polls after signing a statement affirming your identity.
8. If your name is not on the voter rolls, and you are not a first time voter in Delaware, you can still vote a regular ballot after the Registrar confirms your registration, and after signing a statement affirming that you are a validly registered resident of the precinct. If the Registrar cannot confirm your registration, you can vote by provisional ballot.
9. If you are a first-time voter who did not submit the necessary identification with your application, and you do not have ID with you at the polling place, you can vote by provisional ballot.
10. When you are within 50 feet of a polling place, you have the right to vote or wait to vote without anyone attempting to influence your vote.
11. You can register and vote if you have been convicted of a felony if you have satisfied your sentence and fines at least 5 years prior to your application and the crime was not for murder, sexual crimes, or crimes against the public. To see if you are eligible please contact (302) 739-4277.
12. Within 30 days after the election, the information as to whether or not your Provisional Ballot was counted and, if not, the reason why, is entered into the free access system set up by the Commissioner of Elections.