DNC announces newly elected Hispanic caucus leadership

Illinois Sen. Iris Y. Martinez (D-Ill.) Elected Chairwoman, Andres Ramirez Elected Vice Chairman


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Washington, D.C.—On Saturday during the DNC’s Fall Meeting in Austin, Texas, the DNC’s Hispanic Caucus held elections for new leadership. Elections are held every four years at the DNC Meeting. Chairwoman Martínez, who currently serves as a state senator from Illinois, was elected to a four-year term by the full DNC Hispanic Caucus. Andrés Ramírez, a recently appointed at-large DNC member from Nevada, was elected as the DNC Caucus’ new vice chair.

“As a lifelong fighter for the interests of Latinos in Illinois and elsewhere, I am thrilled to lead the DNC Hispanic Caucus. Latinos compose an expanding presence in the Democratic Party because this is the party that fights for policies and ideals that Latinos of all origins can relate to, including family values, inclusion, access to education, smart sensible foreign policy, health insurance reform, and commitment to comprehensive immigration reform. The DNC Hispanic Caucus chairmanship is an opportunity to fight for President Obama’s agenda for change while using my voice to fight for what matters to Hispanics,” said Martinez.

“This is a crucial time for Latinos in the Democratic Party and I am honored to have a leadership role within the DNC. Latinos throughout the nation stepped forward for change last November, and our participation is already paying off. Whether it’s President Obama’s appointment of more Latinos to high office than any other president or his fight for health insurance reform, this marks the beginning of a historic presidency. As the President’s road to change meets obstruction from the other side, Latinos have a significant role to play. I look forward to fighting for change from my position in the DNC Hispanic Caucus along with Chairwoman Martinez,” said Ramirez.